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Palm Beach

Established in 1998, our reputation for providing Palm Beach, which has thrice been voted the cleanest beach in Queensland, with professional and reliable, residential and commercial Pest Control services has been forged from our unwavering belief in our founding principal and company motto, "Your Satisfaction is Our Businesss".

Palm Beach Pest Control

Ants in Palm Beach

Residential Pest Control

Palm Beach streets along the Gold Coast highway are named from first to twenty-eighth street, starting at the southern end of the area with each second street terminating at the highway. Palm Beach has an Estimated Resident Population (ERP) of 14,726 living in more than 3,700 homes with a median property price of over $650,000.

One of Surekil Pest Control's most popular pest services for Palm Beach is our General or Annual Pest Control. This service provides essential protection from the four most common pests found in Palm Beach homes:

Other pests that are common to Palm Beach that Surekil Pest Control manage include:

Australian Cockroach

Commercial Pest Control

Local Palm Beach business owners have been relying on Surekil Pest Control for over 16 years to keep their premises pest and rodent free.

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Palm Beach Termite Management

Termites are endemic to Australia with over 360 classified species, of which 5 of the 20 that are of some level of economic importance in their region can be found in Palm Beach.Coptotermes in Palm Beach

  • Coptotermes
  • Schedorhinotermes
  • Nasutitermes
  • Microcerrotermes
  • Heterotermes

Termite Detection Tools

Surekil Pest Control prides itself on employing the right balance of knowledge, experience and technology. Over the course of the last 16 years we have remained at the forefront of technology, more often than not being amongst the first early adopters of tools, such as the Thermal Imaging Camera, that could enhance or raise that standards of our Termite Inspections.

Termite Treatment and Protection

Surekil Pest Control are industry leaders in Termite treatment and protection, working with only the most reliable and trusted products available, we offer our clients the peace of mind that wether they require a Termite baiting and  monitoring system such the Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System or a Chemical Termite Barrier, Surekil Pest Control has right solution to their problem.

Surekil Pest Control are also accredited to offer our eligible Palm Beach clients the TimberSecure $100,000 Insurance Policy.

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