Paper Lice


Paperlice or Booklice are small scavenger insects that feed on the microscopic moulds that grow on materials such as paper, leather, straw, carpet and certain stored foods. They are most commonly found in damp, dark, undisturbed areas.


Colour: Ranges from colourless to grey to light brownPaperlice

Legs:      6

Shape:  Oval, elongated               

Size:       1-2mm

Antennae: Yes, medium to long antennae


Feed on microscopic mould that grow on such things as paper, book bindings, wallpaper glue, leather, straw and can also feed on starch.


Prefer damp, warm, undisturbed situations and are often more active during summer. Manufactured material of plant origin that would support mould growth will encourage infestations. Can be found on walls, in cupboards, in stored foodstuffs, in wall voids, behind electrical outlets. Can be readily introduced into a new habitat on furniture, boxes, books and paper.


They are agile and fast moving, small and conceal themselves well making them difficult to detect in may cases. However they have a great reliance on humidity, having thin cuticles. Control measures involve improving storage conditions and drying out infected articles so that the insects die of desiccation. Proper ventilation must be established to reduce the suitability of current habitats. Chemical treatments would include space sprays and surface sprays depending on the articles to be treated.


 Surekil Pest Control can treat the affected area with an approved professional insecticide to control Paperlice. 

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