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Termite Management & Pest Control in Bundall

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From the Nerang River to Boomerang Crescent and beyond, Surekil Pest Control leads the way in pest control solutions in Bundall. For over 20 years, our skilled team has been serving residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our team eradicates:

We offer adaptable and cost-effective strategies to rid your property of pests. All work is supported by service warranties and our technicians are all licensed and insured.

Custom Termite Solutions

Surekil Pest Control has your termite eradication needs covered in Bundall. We’re the team to call when you require:

  • Termite inspections: We’ll assess every nook and cranny of your property for termites and termite activity.
  • Timber pest inspections: Our team will analyse your property’s timber structures for decay, rot, wood boring insects and termites.
  • Termite treatments: If you’ve got termites on your property, we can apply effective measures to get rid of them!
  • Termite protection: We’ll keep your property safe from termites in the long run.
  • Termite barriers: Our team can stop termites in their tracks with effective physical and chemical barriers.
  • Termite baiting systems: We can install and manage termite baiting systems throughout your property.

From small apartments to expansive properties, our team offers custom solutions for managing and eradicating termites. Connect with us on 1300 991 322 for assistance.

Pest / termites control services on wood stair in the new house that have termites signs inside it — Surekil Pest Control In Bundall, QLD

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Bundall residential and commercial clients turn to us for diverse pest control options. Whether you need a single treatment or regular pest management, we can remove spiders, cockroaches, rodents and other common infestations.


In Bundall, we offer termite inspections along with pre-sale or pre-purchase timber pest assessments. Our termite treatment and protection methods are vast, comprising baiting systems, chemical and physical barriers, and efficient reticulation systems.


A pre-sale pest inspection in Bundall is essential when engaging in property transactions. It identifies any damage from pests or decay, guarantees the building’s timber structures are sound and the premises is pest free.


Physical termite barriers are positioned at the slab edge and penetrations during construction. Their strategic design is to thwart concealed termite entry into the structure. Providing installations throughout Bundall.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you find a bat in your home, it’s important to keep a safe distance and avoid direct contact. Contacting a local wildlife rescue or professional pest control service ensures safe removal.

Non-toxic ways to deal with pests in your garden include using physical barriers, introducing predator species, employing mechanical traps and utilising natural repellents. Regular monitoring and proper garden maintenance contribute to non-toxic pest control.

Keeping your home mosquito free involves eliminating standing water, using mosquito nets or screens, employing fans and utilising mosquito repellents. Regular inspections of the property can identify and address mosquito breeding sites.

Risks of using chemical pesticides include potential harm to non-target organisms, environmental pollution and potential health risks to humans and pets. Responsible use and adherence to guidelines can mitigate these risks.

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