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The types of stage 1 termite treatments available for termite infestations include:

Termite Baiting: A replacement food source providing to the termites that typically contains an insect growth regulator to prevent them from moulting, eventually resulting in complete colony elimination

Termite Dusting: An appropriate pesticide dust is applied to the termite workings, the termites carry the dust particles on their bodies, eventually these particles are transferred back to the nest resulting in colony elimination

Termite Foaming: An appropriate pesticide foam is applied to the termite workings, the treated termites transfer the pesticide to other termites and eventually back to the nest, resulting in colony elimination

Direct Termiticide Application: An appropriate pesticide is applied to the nest directly, resulting in colony elimination

The type of stage 1 termite treatment used will depend on several factors including the species of termite, the location of the property and environmental conditions, the time of year, the property construction and the property owners’ preferences.

At Surekil Pest Control, we’ve been treating termites across the Gold Coast, Tweed and Byron for more than 20 years and we are here to help. For a free consultation and quote on effective stage 1 termite treatment, call your local experts on (07) 5599 1322.

Tips to Help Deter Termites

To help reduce your risk of termite infestation, below are some handy tips on things that you should do:

  • Repair any water leaks around your property and direct overflow runoff pipes away from the property.
  • Keep weep holes clear of garden beds, paving or other landscaping materials
  • Maintain a 50mm inspection zone from the top of the slab
  • Sore firewood, building and landscaping materials away from your walls and sub-floor
  • Remove dead trees, fallen branches, old timber and stumps from your property
  • Garden beds and retaining walls should only use treated timber
  • Do not fix structure such as fences, verandas, ferneries, etc to your property that could allow concealed termite entry.
Pest Control Worker — Surekil Pest Control In Tweed Heads, NSW
Pest Control Worker — Surekil Pest Control In Tweed Heads, NSW

Termite Treatment FAQ

If you find termites, it is essential that you do not disturb them or spray them with any household products.

This will likely cause the termites to leave that area, making it difficult to identify the species and possibly limiting your stage 1 termite treatment options.

You should contact Surekil Pest Control as soon as possible, we will come out and carry out a full termite inspection and assess the extent of your problem and recommend the appropriate stage 1 termite treatment solution.

A stage 1 termite treatment is typically a method of using a chemical to eliminate a termite infestation from your property such as baiting, dusting, foaming or direct termiticide application but it could also be the physical removal of a termite nest if appropriate.

There is no best treatment for termites only a best treatment for a specific termite infestation.

The best termite treatment would be determined by your pest management technician based on factors including but not limited to the species of termite, the construction of the property, whether the block is flat or sloped and the soil type.

Products We Use to Treat Termites

Below are some of the industry leading products that we use to treat termites:

Termite Baiting: Exterra
Termite Dusting: Termidor Dust
Termite Foaming: Termidor Foam
Direct application: Termidor 

Termite Treatment Prices

Stage 1 Termite Treatment Prices

Termite Treatments: A quote can be provided once the extent of the issue has been determined but indicatively stage 1 termite treatments start from $600.00.

The prices shown above are for residential properties of up to 40m2, typically a 3 or 4-bedroom home. For prices for properties of other sizes or commercial services, please contact us on 07 5599 1322 or request a quote.

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