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Are you looking for local Elanora pest control services that are all backed by warranties, with professional pest management technicians that are fully licensed, insured and police checked?

Surekil Pest Control have been providing safe, effective Pest Control services to Elanora families and businesses for over 20 years.

We work with many of Elanora’s local café and restaurant food businesses to provide Pest Management Programs to cover all their legislative requirements and ensure industry best practices as well as local Body Corporate Managers to provide fast, reliable and professional Pest Control services to some of Elanora’s largest and smallest schemes.

If you have a problem with any of the pests below or are vacating a rental property in Elanora and need an end of lease move out spray, talk to our friendly team on (07) 5599 1322 about your options for a safe, effective solution.

Elanora Termite Inspections

Termites are a significant issue for home and business owners in Elanora, if you are looking for a reputable local company, Surekil Pest Control has more than 20 years local experience and our services are backed by warranties.


Whether you are buying or selling a property in Elanora, Surekil Pest Control can carry out a comprehensive inspection of the property’s timber structures for damage by fungal decay (rot), wood boring insects, subterranean termites or other timber pests.

To book your next termite or timber pest inspection or for a free consultation and quote on effective termite management, call your local pest control experts, Surekil Pest Control on 1300 991 322 or request a booking online.

Termites Help Unload Wood Chips — Surekil Pest Control In Elanora, QLD

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Having pests on your Elanora property is never fun. Fortunately, our pest control team can help! We have extensive experience eradicating all types of pests, including spiders, cockroaches, mosquitos and more.


Our termite services will protect your Elanora home from destruction and damage. We install chemical and physical barriers as well as baiting and reticulation systems to effectively eradicate and prevent infestations.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection


Our pre-sale pest inspections in Eleonora will ensure there is no damage to the property from pests, insects, decay or rot. This will give you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to fork out money for unexpected repairs.



Physical termite barriers are installed to the slab edge and slab penetrations at the time of construction and designed to prevent concealed termite entry to a structure.

Elanora Pest & Termite FAQ

Mouse traps can be effective if they are placed in the right location. Mice are attracted to food, so the trap should be placed near where they are likely to find food. The most common type of mouse trap is the snap trap, which works by bait being placed on a trigger that, when activated, snaps shut and kills the mouse.

Termites are attracted to wood, so termite baiting systems work by placing bait in areas where termites are likely to find it. The bait contains a slow-acting insecticide that will kill the termites when they eat it. This method is most effective when used in combination with other control methods, such as chemical treatments.

Termites can chew through wood very quickly, especially if there is a lot of moisture present. In some cases, they can cause serious damage to a structure in just a few months. The size of the infestation will also impact the speed and extent of the damage.

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