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From Musgrave Park to the Rockpools Water Park, Surekil Pest Control is the leading provider of pest control services in Southport. With over 20 years’ experience, our team serves residential, commercial and industrial clients with dedication. We eradicate:

We offer versatile and cost-effective measures to ensure your property remains pest free. You can trust our qualified, licensed and insured technicians, backed by service warranties.

Complete Termite Solutions

Encountering termites? Surekil Pest Control offers comprehensive termite solutions in Southport. We provide:

  • Termite inspections: We’ll assess every nook and cranny of your property for termites and termite activity.
  • Timber pest inspections: Our team will analyse your property’s timber structures for decay, rot, wood boring insects and termites.
  • Termite treatments: If you’ve got termites on your property, we can apply effective measures to get rid of them!
  • Termite protection: We’ll keep your property safe from termites in the long run.
  • Termite barriers: Our team can stop termites in their tracks with effective physical and chemical barriers.
  • Termite baiting systems: We can install and manage termite baiting systems throughout your property.

Whether it’s a small home or a large commercial space, our experts are committed to detecting, managing and eradicating termites effectively. Contact our team on 1300 991 322 for more information.

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We cater to both homes and businesses in Southport with our comprehensive pest control services. Our offerings range from one time interventions to regular monitoring plans, focusing on spiders, cockroaches, rodents and beyond.


Serving Southport, our services extend to termite inspections, pre-sale or pre-purchase timber pest checks and a broad spectrum of termite protection methods. This includes termite baiting systems, chemical barriers, physical barriers and reticulation techniques.


A pre-sale pest inspection is essential when handling property transactions in Southport. It detects any damage caused by pests or decay and guarantees the safety of timber structures.


Physical termite barriers are affixed to the slab edge and slab penetrations at the construction phase, serving as a designed prevention against hidden termite entry into Southport buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular inspections, typically annually or bi-annually, can keep your property safe from pest infestations. More frequent inspections may be required if the area is known for specific pest problems.

While minor pest problems can be handled through home remedies, professional help is often needed for persistent or extensive infestations. Experts possess the knowledge and equipment needed to address the problem effectively.

Local regulations regarding pest control may vary. It’s essential to consult local authorities or pest control professionals in the region. Compliance with these regulations ensures safe and responsible pest management practices.

Protecting your garden from local pests can be achieved through proper plant selection, introducing natural predators and utilising barriers or traps. Regular monitoring and professional consultation can also help maintain a healthy garden.

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