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Ant Pest Control

Effective Ant Pest Control

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There are around 1,300 known ant species in Australia, the most common problem ants found on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW include:

  • Black House Ant
  • Bull Ant
  • Coastal Brown Ant
  • Funnel Ant
  • Fire Ant
  • Green Ant
  • Ghost Ant
  • Sugar Ant

Ants are foragers and will eat a large variety of foods such as sweets, grease, oils, vegetables, honeydew, and other insects.

They carry their food back to the nest, which range in size from a few to hundreds of thousands, where they feed the queen, the lava and themselves.

Have you got an ant problem? For effective ant pest control treatment, call us on (07) 5599 1322 to make your booking.

Tips for Managing Ants Around Your Property

Worried you might have an ant infestation in your home?

Check out our tips to manage ants around your property:

  • Keep kitchen surfaces clean and free of food scraps
  • Keep food in sealed containers
  • Keep outdoor eating areas free of food scraps
  • Keep pet food bowls clean and free of food scraps
  • Regularly clean food scraps from appliances, cupboards, and floors
  • Regularly empty rubbish bins
  • Fix leaking taps and pipes
  • Seal holes around windows, utility pipes and wires that enter the property
  • Maintain foliage around the property and ensure that it does not touch the walls

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At Surekil Pest Control, our team is trained to effectively eliminate Ant with the application of an approved professional insecticide. We also provide up to an 11-month warranty on our pest control services*.

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Ant Control FAQ

No — while black ants do eat termites, the termites live in sealed mud tubes, called leads, so it is difficult for the ants to gain access.

Even if the ants get into the colony’s workings, a termite colony may have up to 4 million termites and a black ant colony typically has only a few thousand ants.

Also, the soldier termites fight off the predatory ants whilst the worker termites block up any breaches where they have gained entry.

Products We Use for Ant Control

Below are some of the industry leading products that we use for ant control:

Ant Pest Control Prices

Standard Services

Ant Treatment (Internal): Starting from $190.00 with an 11 Month Warranty**.
Ant Treatment (External/Lawn): Starting from $290.00 with an 11 Month Warranty**.
General Pest Service: Starting from $260.00 with an 11 Month Warranty**, treatment of Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish and Spiders.

Pest Defender Plan

You might want to talk to one of our friendly office staff or your technician about Surekil’s Pest Defender plans, these are flexible and affordable solutions for year-round protection for your family and your home that offer either a general or targeted approach to pest control depending on your preferences and needs.

The prices indicated are for residential properties of up to 40m2, typically a 3 or 4-bedroom home. For prices for properties of other sizes or commercial services, please contact us on 07 5599 1322 or request a quote.

**Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

*Warranty Terms and Conditions

All warranty periods listed, represent the maximum available periods and serve as a guide only, the actual periods offered are at the discretion of the technician at the time of the service and are based on conducive conditions and environmental factors.

  1. Our warranty period is effective from the service date and is eligible for service calls after 21 days.
  2. Any recommendations made in the technician comments must be carried out for the warranty to be valid.
  3. Our warranty covers an unreasonable level of pest activity only, i.e. the sighting of a single cockroach is not covered. An ‘unreasonable level’ is determined by Surekil Pest Control based on industry standards and the time elapsed since the service or treatment was carried out.
  4. The pest(s) must be present or detectable when the technician is on site, else a standard service call fee may be incurred.

Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. For major failures with the service, you are entitled:

  1. To cancel your service contract with us; and
  2. To a refund for the unused portion, or to compensation for its reduced value.

You are also entitled to choose a refund or replacement for major failures with goods. If a failure with the goods or a service does not amount to a major failure, you are entitled to have the failure rectified in a reasonable time. If this is not done you are entitled to a refund for the goods and to cancel the contract for the service and obtain a refund of any unused portion. You are also entitled to be compensated for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage from a failure in the goods or service.


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